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FairyWill 5020E Water Flosser

Now you can take even better care of your oral hygiene. The FairyWill 5020E water flosser offers 3 modes to choose from and allows you to clean your teeth thoroughly. It removes up to 99.99% of debris. It is equipped with a 300ml water tank, which you will have no problem refilling. The kit includes as many as 8 interchangeable nozzles, thanks to which the irrigator can be used by your whole family.

Effective cleaning

The water flosser effectively eliminates up to 99.99% of food debris and dental plaque while providing a deep gum massage and improving circulation. Not only does this help you clean your teeth thoroughly, it also improves the condition of your teeth. The enhanced pulsating technology allows the 30-100PSI water pressure jet to reach even those areas of the mouth that ordinary toothbrushes cannot reach.

3 modes of operation

Adjust the operation of the water flosser to your needs. The device offers 3 cleaning modes. The CLEAN mode is perfect for everyday use. The water pulses 1800 times per minute to effectively clean your mouth. The Soft mode is suitable for beginners and those with sensitive teeth. The frequency of 1400 times per minute allows for a thorough yet gentle cleaning. The Massage mode (1400-1800 times per minute) will clean your teeth thoroughly while providing a gum massage.

Practical water tank

The water flosser is equipped with a large 300ml water tank. This is enough to allow you to brush your teeth thoroughly without having to refill it. When needed, you can easily clean it, thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Moreover, thanks to its improved design, the tank does not leak and filling it with water is child's play and quick.

8 interchangeable nozzles included

In the set you will find as many as 8 nozzles for the water flosser. This way your whole family can use it to brush their teeth. All the tips are relatively long and rotate 360°, allowing you to reach even hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. Note: to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and maintain hygiene, we recommend replacing the nozzle every 3 months or so.

Long runtime

The cordless water flosser design gives you almost unlimited freedom. The device is equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery that allows it to run for up to 21 days on a single charge. To charge it, simply plug it into a charger, powerbank or even your laptop using the included USB cable. After about 4 hours it will be fully operational again!


Use your water flosser in the bathroom, shower or bath without worry. The device is IPX7 water resistant - no accidental splashing! The product is also equipped with double seals, which effectively prevent possible leaks. If necessary, you can also clean the irrigator to keep it in perfect condition even longer.

Lightweight and portable

The FairyWill 5020E water flosser is incredibly lightweight and portable. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it fits perfectly in your hand and provides comfort. If you want, you can easily take it with you on vacation - it will not take up too much space in your bag or suitcase. It will also not be a big burden.


  • Water flosser
  • 8x water flosser nozzle
  • Charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • User Manual










Charging time

About 4h

Working time

Up to 21 days

Battery capacity


Water tank capacity




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FairyWill Water Flosser FW-5020E (Black)

  • Производитель: FairyWill
  • Модель: POSTFW-5020E black
  • Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 37.56€
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