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Liberex Universal Irrigator

The Liberex brand irrigator is a universal device that will allow you to take care of your oral hygiene comprehensively, and thanks to 4 types of interchangeable tips and 5 modes of work (including the DIY mode), it will satisfy even the most diverse needs. So people of different ages and expectations will benefit from it. The 300ml water tank can be filled in 2 ways. The durable battery allows for up to 30 days of operation on a single charge.

Choose the best mode for you

The irrigator can work in several modes, which respond to a number of different user needs. The soft mode will work well for sensitive teeth. Choose it if you are new to this method of oral hygiene. Medium mode is ideal for everyday use, and strong mode lets you thoroughly clean the dirt from between your teeth. The pulse mode provides a gentle gum massage.

Even more DIY possibilities

Want to customize the performance of your device even more? Choose the DIY mode, which allows you to set your own water pressure from 8 psi to 120 psi. Changing modes and adjusting the aforementioned parameter will be easy for you thanks to the device's built-in LED display. Take advantage of new possibilities and make your irrigator work exactly the way you want it to!

Satisfy diverse needs with interchangeable nozzles

In the set you will find 5 interchangeable nozzles that rotate 360°. 2 standard nozzles you will successfully use every day. The orthodontic nozzle will be perfect for braces wearers and the periodontic nozzle will be perfect for those who struggle with gum disease. For dental implants, crowns and bridges, on the other hand, a plaque nozzle will be suitable.

Practical and capacious water tank

The water tank has a capacity of 300ml, so you don't have to refill it too often. Equipped with an additional gasket and waterproof - it will not leak. The risk of flooding the device is therefore significantly reduced. You can refill the water in 2 ways - using a special hole or by unscrewing the nozzle.

Durable battery that charges as you like

It only takes 4 hours to recharge the device's battery. After that time, you can use your irrigator for up to about a month! Charging via USB is not only convenient, but also creates a lot of possibilities. You can use it with an adapter, a powerbank, a car charger, or even your laptop.

Designed for your convenience

The device weighs only 400g and features a compact size. So you can always have it at hand - even on the go. Its ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable to use. The non-slip finish makes the irrigator fit perfectly in your hand and does not slip out. Another advantage of the device is water resistance IPX7, so you can use it freely in the bathroom, without fear of accidental splashing.

In the box

  • Water flosser x1
  • Charging cable (without adapter) x1
  • Interchangeable nozzles x5 (standard x2, periodontal x1, orthodontic x1, dental plaque x1)
  • Ccase x1
  • User manual x1


Liberex FC2661 DIY & LED Cordless Water Flosser 7.29x6.54x30.2cm 400g White 5W 300ml Up to 30 days About 4h USB cable IPX7 After 2 minutes

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Liberex DIY Water Flosser LED FC2661 (White)

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