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Replaceable sonic brush bits SOOCAS - take care of your teeth

Doctors recommend replacing the toothbrush tip at least once every 3 months. It is worth following similar recommendations - thanks to this you will take more effective care of your teeth. So in order to take full advantage of the possibilities of a SOOCAS X3 or X3U toothbrush, buy a set of replaceable tips - this is your new way to have a stunning, snow-white smile!

Special bristles DuPont - bet on excellence

The DuPont bristles used in the tips of the bristles are soft, penetrate thoroughly between the teeth and provide deep cleaning. With SOOCAS you will get rid of germs, food debris and plaque. At the same time, the tips are fully safe for the enamel and do not irritate the gums - FDA certified. SOOCAS will take care of your teeth comprehensively - it will penetrate even in hard-to-reach places where ordinary toothbrushes do not reach, and will help you to effectively fight against contamination.

3 color versions - choose your favourite

The tips are available in 3 color versions - white, pink and black. So you can perfectly match them to your SOOCAS sonic brush or play with colors and mix them freely. You will find 2 tips in the set - with the frequency of change once every 3 months, one set is enough for half a year!










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General Brush Head for Soocas X5/X3/X3U/V1 (white)

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