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Аннотация к книге: Disney Kids Readers. Level 3. Teacher's Book

Disney Kids Readers is a six-level series of graded readers that encourages young learners to read for pleasure and for learning.
Young learners can build their reading skills with the help of engaging Disney stories and characters they know and enjoy.
Created to be used both at school and at home, Disney Kids Readers help young learners expand their reading in a fun and motivating way. The 36 readers include audio, extra learning content, and activities at the back of the book.
Disney Kids Readers are visually rich to support engagement and comprehension, and every book is written to a consistent vocabulary, grammar, and phonics syllabus. Thanks to the Lexile® reading scores, learners see their reading skills progress as they move through the levels.
Disney Kids Readers can be used as a per-level course, using the six readers in the level together with a Workbook and Teacher's Book.

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Disney Kids Readers. Level 3. Teacher's Book

  • Модель: MYSH4995334
  • ISBN: 9781292330884
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