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The A1 student's book comprises 10 units in total, each of which are divided into the following 4 sections:
- Contenidos funcionales.
- Sistema lingüístico.
- Textos.
- Tareas.
At the end of each chapter there is a section entitled 'En Acción', which presents students with a task or mini project.
After every 2 units, there is a 2-page section (entitled 'Revisión - Reflexión') designed to help students revise and consolidate the content presented and to encourage them to assess their understanding of the topics covered.
Furthermore, there are activities integrated into the 10 units that will help students prepare for the DELE exams.
The 'Gramática' section of the coursebook contains a wealth of exercises designed to test learners' knowledge of the grammatical themes featured.
Transcripts relating to the audio content can be found at the back of the book.
The audio content plus additional exercises can be accessed for free via the 'Aula ELEctrónica' section of SGEL's website. Furthermore, there is a printed code on the inside cover of the manual, permitting access (for one year) to a digital version of the book via the Blinklearning platform.

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Vitamina A1. Libro del alumno + audio descargable

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