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First published in English in 1959, Karl Popper's The Logic of Scientific Discovery revolutionized contemporary thinking about science and knowledge and is one of the most widely read books about science written last century. Described by the philosopher AJ Ayer as "a work of great originality and power", Popper presents the two ideas that did more than anything else to make him famous: that the only true knowledge is scientific knowledge and that knowledge grows only when on testing a theory, it can be shown to be false. Popper's now legendary doctrine of "falsificationism" electrified the scientific community, influencing even the methods of working scientists. It also had a profound effect on the shape of post war philosophy. Translated into many languages, it ranks alongside The Open Society and Its Enemies as one of Popper's most enduring and famous books and contains insights and arguments that demand to be read to this day.

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The Logic of Scientific Discovery

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