Bring the real business world into your classroom.
The 3rd edition of this ever popular course combines some fantastic new materials with all the features that have made this course a bestseller.
The 3rd edition Course Book contains:
• 100% new reading texts from the Financial Times
• 100% new case studies with opinions from successful consultants who work in the real world of business
• 100% new authentic listening texts reflecting the global nature of business with texts that are all available to view on the new DVD-ROM
• 'Business Across Cultures' spreads which focus on particular cultural issues
The DVD-ROM accompanying the Course Book contains:
• Listening texts which are also available to view, providing truly authentic listening practice
• Video Case study solutions with experts from the real world of business
• iGlossary
• Online Vocabulary Trainer

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Market Leader. 3rd Edition. Advanced Teacher's Resource Book (+ CD-ROM)

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