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Diversify lessons, motivate students and spark their interest in the language and culture with 12 of Italy's most internationally well-known songs.
This workbook presents 12 units of lessons and activities, each dedicated to a famous Italian song. The featured songs have been carefully selected as a result of a survey conducted by the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, "Canzoni Ambasciatrici d'Italia", a project created by Prof. Fabio Caon.
EXTRA UNIT - Download an exclusive additional unit on Mahmood's "Soldi", Italy's 2019 Eurovision entry!
Designed to supplement the course material in the first three levels of Nuovo Espresso (Beginners A1, Near beginners A2, and Intermediate B1), this book can also be used independently to enrich Italian lessons and get students speaking (and singing!) in a fun and engaging way.
Each of the songs is studied in detail through a wide variety of class activities, games, grammar analysis and exercises. Interesting information about each of the artists is also provided.
The book includes a teacher's guide and the answers to the activities and exercises.

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Nuovo Espresso: Canzoni A1-B1

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