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A remarkable understanding of architectural form and it's interplay with nature underscores the creations of Bangkok-based IDIN Architects. This first monograph for the architects illustrates this unique design acumen through constructions that are at once bold and striking, yet one with their surroundings. The firm's raison d'etre is evident in it's tagline: "Integrating Design Into Nature". These pages present 10 very beautiful and prominent projects spanning residential, commercial, and retail programs, including IDIN's very own office; each account is highly illustrated in full-colour throughout, accompanied by incisive descriptions, and detailed diagrams and plans. The reader learns how IDIN employs creative reasoning to reveal it's inspirations and architectural aesthetics for each project, at times steering away from convention. This methodology in and of itself drives many of the firm's solutions to site challenges, to arrive at award-winning creations that successfully blend design aspiration with practical function.

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IDIN Architects. Integrating Design Into Nature

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